Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Google Docs

I just vistied the Google docs web site, and was impressed to see what you could do with this application. One of the most interesting aspects about Google Docs is that the information you wish to share with other can be viewed and edited by others; as long as they have access to the interent of course. This may not seem very extraordianary to some, however I can recall numerous times where I wanted to view something but could not do so without down loading or purchasing a new application. I could definitely see great ways to implment this software to my coaching career in the future. For instance, when completing a scouting report agianist an upcoming opponent; all the coaches on the staff could view the original report and make proper adjustments themselves. This allows the entire staff to put their two sense in before the report is even printed. Moreover, the scouting report does not just fall under one coach. Most of the time when there is a project to be done, it is up to a single person to make the adjustments thoughout the project. This will involve the entire team and may be adjusted accordingly. Pretty cool stuff.

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