Friday, January 21, 2011

Technology for the Week

Being 25 I should be like all my other peers who are technological sound with the new and changing emerging softwares, however I have never been up to date with these evolving communication networks. I know how to find information quick on the internet and all that good stuff but I do not have a twitter, Facebook or Myspace  account. When people ask me if I have one I say no, than following that response in their faces' is usually a confused look; it is actually quite humors. These social networks have become more and more complex in my eyes as I have seen them change the way we interact with another. I can recall some high school drama back in the day when some people would be upset that so and so did not add them on their MySpace; but than again that may just kids being kids. I understand the concept of these networks and the benefits they have but I just have never felt the need to get one. I guess I think I am "old fashion" in the sense of if someone is my true friend, they will give me ring if they want, or text. But this will all change soon since I am going to have to make a Facebook account for my graduate program. It will be interesting to see if I get "addicted" to the Facebook craze as many of friends have told me in the past. Time will tell!

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