Monday, January 31, 2011

I just finished taking some time with exploring this social bookmarking site known as Delicious, created by Yahoo. At first when I thought about the usefulness of this program, I thought it was rather unhelpful. However my thoughts quickly changed when I noticed I could have the ability to access my bookmarks from any computer, and share my bookmarks with others throughout the internet. What is so special about these two aspects? Before social bookmarks like Delicious, users of bookmarks were only allowed to bookmark their favorite sites from their personal computer's web browser; which means their favorite sites could not be easily accessed from anywhere else. In addition, these bookmarks can be viewed by others on the web who are interested in the similar topics. Having social bookmarks enables others to share the knowledge that is found in the internet for all. Plus, it makes organizing the hundreds of possible links to sites much easier to reach than attempting to copy and paste URLs for others to reach.

With social bookmarking websites like Delicious, I can see how these sites can be extraordinary helpful for research and teaching. Since these bookmarks can be seen by the public, anyone who is researching any topic may find specific tags or previous marks set by others that may enable them to find what they need much quicker than browsing the web. Moreover, once specific information on the web is found, it can be easily distributed to others efficiently. As for bookmarks aiding teachers, sites similar to Delicious allows teachers to find helpful sites for their students to use and bookmark it for their students to find easily.  Social bookmarking sites seem to make finding significant information much quicker and efficient for everyone.

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