Friday, January 28, 2011

New Technologies for Week 3

As I just finished completing module three, I started to think about the new technologies that I have experienced over this past week. All of the exercises that needed to be completed individually had their own benefits; however I found that the creation of a fan page might be the most helpful in my career in the future as a college coach. Whether I'm coaching at a junior college or four year university, creating a fan page can promote the program and aid in recruiting. As a college coach, at any level, we must recruit players each year. As many college coaches are aware of, there are only certain times throughout the year athletic programs may be able to contact their perspective prospects. But with the creation of a fan page, coaches could put updates on their Facebook Fan Page to show what is going on daily, weekly or monthly to their fans and prospects. Moreover, you can post exciting pictures, audio, video get players and fans of the program excited about your program. Oh did I mention that tons of young athletes are on Facebook nearly every day! By creating a Facebook Fan Page we are just trying to reach young athletes in their own way as they grow with progressive technology.

1 comment:

  1. I like that idea a lot. Makes a lot of sense to use it as a recruiting tool. Coaches are very limited with contacting recruits. Now the recruit can come to the team online. Very good idea