Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Image Generators

I just finished playing around with some of these image generator sites. I found Fototrix.com to be the easiest and most fun to use. Its pretty fun to see how easy it is to put the image you want on any kind of layout. After I got the idea how to upload the photo onto the layout I wanted, it was all down hill from there. Fototrix is cool because the user can upload images from their own files or upload images from other websites; all they have to do is type in the URL address to upload the photo to Fototrix. There are tons of layouts in this site! Of course I went with a basketball theme because I am a basketball coach.

The image displayed is a sophomore on our team, John Dickson. Great photo of him rising to the rim and finishing a play. Any athlete would enjoy seeing their picture on Sports Illustrated; it would be an awesome artifact to have in their career. I cannot believe how simple this task was to complete once I got the hang of it. I just saved an image from Sacramento State's Athletic site to my hard drive, uploaded the photo to Fotorix, picked the layout I wanted and I was done. Cool stuff, I only wish I could do some editing to the date to make it look more recent!

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