Friday, February 4, 2011

Locating Podcasts

I just did some snooping around for podcasts from When I began trying to find some podcasts about kinesiology, I could not find anything under the topic. I checked as well and I could not find anything helpful there either. My first intial thought was I that I was not typing in the correct terms in the right areas of the search. However after an hour of playing with these sites I could not find anything relative to kinesiology; definitely frustrating. Going back to I began looking for interesting sport podcasts that I felt as though I could listen to on a regular basis.

The podcast that I added to my bloglines account is "Around the Horn", an ESPN show on television in which four sports writers converse about various sports topics. I have watched this show plenty of time when I use to have free time in the afternoons. But since my time has been limited to the free time I have, it has been difficult to see on television. With podcast however, I now can download this show to either my computer or iphone and listen to the show on the go! That is pretty sweet. Moreover, I can see how podcasts can be extremely helpful in the educational world because of the mobility of the software. Teachers could put desired topics on podcasts and have their students listen to them when desired. Just like everything in Web 2.0, podcasts have brought the ease of accessing and finding information. 

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