Thursday, February 3, 2011

YouTube Exploration

I have been to YouTube numerous times. This assignment was pretty simple for me. I am not a complete YouTube freak, but I do visit the website sometimes. Most of the time when I am viewing something on YouTube, it is because one of my friends wanted to share a video they have recently seen. Anyone who has internet access can literally find anything and everything on YouTube. There is endless information that can be found in this great site.

The video I have chosen is a speech by John Wooden; arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time. This video is extremely enlightening, he is a very inspirational man. Successful coaches today unfortunately is measured by the wins and losses one accomplishes. However Wooden makes a great argument about what true success really is.

I can absolutely see how the features of this websites can be utilized in school websites. All types of educational information can be found on YouTube. Not to mention, most of the videos can show an individual how to complete a certain task (algebra, cooking, using software, e.g.) As long as the integrity of the information provided to students is verified, I can see great ways to utilize websites like YouTube in an education setting.

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