Tuesday, February 8, 2011



I just finished exploring LibraryThing, this is the first time I can honestly say I was confused about what users could do with this site. I originally thought I would be able to read books from this site when I added them to my account, but I completely missed the idea behind it once I began playing with the site! But as I realized what the site had to offer I still found it somewhat interesting. I can post books to my profile that I have read and discuss with others around the world; almost like a forum. Users can write reviews of the books they have read, discuss them in a conversation online and find books for sale using the site (which will compare prices from different websites). I thought that was pretty cool. However since I am not the biggest book reader, I did not find this site as interesting as some of the past sites I have visited. Maybe if I have had read more books in my day then I could get into this site a little more. Nonetheless, I can see why many people can enjoy this site. It is difficult sometimes to discuss topics that interest you with some of your current personal friends. LibraryThing allows people with the same interest to discuss books with others that have the same passion about the book with another. It is always good to get someone else perspective when thinking about interesting topics; it allows individuals to see the book from a different angle. Unfortunately, as of today, I probably would not use this site very much. I like the idea though, social networking through books.

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