Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plaxo Account, Professional Portfoilo, LinkedIn

I just finished playing around and setting up various accounts and professional portfolios through Plaxo, LinkedIn, and Google Sites. As I began these assignments I found some fun in creating the websites, I thought it was pretty cool how you can personalize your information. The sites can give viewers basic information or you can keep it real simple so potential employers can view your current and past work experience. Its like a resume that can be grabbed on the web; which does not require any submission to any company. I thought Google Sites creation of your own web page was also intriguing, you can create your own website with all of your personal interests. Moreover, each person can manipulate the way the website is formatted.

I did not find many cons to these sites, however I was hesitant to add some personal information to the site (birthday, housing information, e.g.). The reason I am hesitant to put this information on these sites is because I am afraid of becoming a victim of identity theft. With all the personal information that goes on these sites, I feel as though it makes it easier for people to get a hold of personal information that may cause a negative outcome; maybe I am just paranoid.

Overall I believe these sites have great potential to boost a resume for future employment. Since today's world is evolving to paperless information, it would almost be silly not to put your work experiences on one of these sites. It seems anytime there is an open position anywhere, you have to apply online to attempt to attain the job. Becoming more internet savvy will just increase the possibility of getting hired somewhere. In addition, you can also build and create possible networking connections through the use of these sites. You can "connect" and begin networking with people in your similar or desired profession. In essence, this should improve your possibilities of getting set up with nice job if you are able to meet the right people. Unfortunately in this world its "not what you know, its who you know". These sites allow everyone to try to get know anyone. Cool stuff, I can see the great benefits of these sites.

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